Expectations are high for Rob Refsnyder

The Yankees made some waves this offseason when they traded for Starlin Castro to man second base for the foreseeable future. This move was an intriguing one, especially among analysts and fans who are keyed in on the farm system and young prospects. Rob Refsnyder has been waiting in the wings for his permanent shot in the pros, but where he would play was always a question.

At the University of Arizona he was a centerfielder, but made the transition to second base when he was drafted by the Yankees. His defensive prowess has been in question since the transition, but his bat is pro-ready and the Yankees are doing everything in their power to find a spot for him.

While he is a much better hitter than Castro, Castro’s defense right now is exponentially better than Refsnyder’s. It is his bat that is keeping him in firm control of a spot on the 40-man roster for a utility role this season and he may spend the entire season on the 25-man roster.

As you can see in the above tweet, the Yankees are going to do whatever they can to make him as reliable on defense as possible. With the sure-handed Gregorious manning shortstop until he either leaves New York or is shifted to second base when the heralded and “untouchable” Jorge Mateo arrives on the MLB scene-third base (although Headley will unfortunately be playing there until 2018, unless he is released before his contract) and the outfield are the two spots he must excel at to stick around.

The Yankees are dedicating a lot of time to finding a place for him on the everyday roster and rightfully so, the kid can flat out hit and is not overpowered by pitchers at the highest level. There is a chance that Ref could even see some time at first base, making him the Yankees own Ben Zobrist.

Simply put, with all of this time the Yankees are putting in to help develop his defensive skills further, expectations are through the roof for the top prospect. If his glove can start matching his bat at some level, the Yankees will have a very dynamic player on their hands for what fans hope to be over a decade.

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